This is where we excel and what sets us aside from other standard contractors.

From specialist rendering systems and damp proofing, to delta membrane systems and basement tanking and sump and pumps, we can resolve your property’s damp issues.

Timber replacement and strengthening due to wet/dry rot is another area of our specialist works and our experience and efficiency in this field ensures a fast, professional treatment which is tailored to the property’s need.

We understand both the health implications and the upheaval and cost of such works and so we work with the client closely to help ease any concerns during the process.

As reinstatement specialists, we carry out full refurbishments to water damaged and fire damaged properties including full rip out and replacement of all materials and services in order to return buildings back to their pre incident condition and we are aware of the huge impact on the tenant/home owner when such an event occurs.

Our Services

Here are the main services we offer here:

  • Complete damp proofing solutions

  • High quality damp proof rendering

  • Basement Tanking

  • Membrane systems

  • Sump and pumps

  • French Drain and Aco systems

  • Airbricks

  • Rot treatments

  • Full timber replacement

  • Mould remediation

  • Thermal insulation

  • Ventilation

To enquire about any of the services mentioned above, please go to the ‘contact us’ page and a friendly member of staff will be in touch at our earliest convenience.

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